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How To Watch NFL Football On Sling TV?

We provide the most conscientious support for Sling TV, so if you are using Sling TV and want to know how to watch NFL games on it, then you can log onto Sling TV help and support website or call us at our toll-free number.

The biggest concern for streaming app users is how they are going to watch NFL Football because they know the availability of the channels on the cable TV and satellite TV, but they are not aware of any such thing on streaming apps. If you too are using a streaming app, let’s say Sling TV and want to know whether you can watch NFL Football on it or not, then you can find an answer to that question at help Sling TV NFL link.

With Sling TV, you get a lot more options, control and customizations compared to any other app that offers on-demand and live content. Sling TV is basically known for its streaming of live content. Sling TV is arguably the easiest and the most economical way of watching NFL and following your favorite teams for the entire season.

A quick search for your favorite games with ‘Game Finder’

If are aware of the game that you are looking forward to watching, but are not aware of which channel it is going to be broadcasted on or which package you have to subscribe to, then you can find the best answer to all these questions on ‘Game Finder’ option. With this feature, it becomes easier for you to search for the game you are looking to watch in the first place.

What you need to do is, you need to go to ‘’ and then, search for the team name, city or state to see the date, time and channel it will broadcast on. Moreover, you will find the information regarding the Sling TV service you need to subscribe to in order to watch the game. To find out as to the games available in your area, you just need to enter the ZIP code and then, you will get the filtered results.

NFL on Sling TV: How to make it possible

Sling TV knows how popular NFL football is in the US, so the company has come up with a perfect way to watch the games. Check out what Sling TV has to offer in each of its services here below:

  1. Sling Blue: If you opt for Sling Blue service, which is available at a price of $25 per month, then you can access NFL network along with an access to the games on FOX and NBC. If you want to add Sports Extra, then you can, but you will have to shell out $10 per month for that. With that, you will be able to get all the live action throughout the season at the cheapest possible rate.
  2. Sling Orange: You need to subscribe to Sling Orange if you are looking for an ultimate package as getting this package will open your access to all the Monday Night Football matchups on the most popular sporting channel named ESPN.

Access to Over-The-Air Antenna to watch local channels without paying any cost

Sling TV Plus an OTA HDTV antenna is going to provide you an access to all the NFL games at the lowest price. In case, you are living in an area where there is no access to FOX and NBC through Sling TV, even then, you can make use of an antenna in order to receive all the games on FOX, NBC and CBS absolutely free and too in HD.

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