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How To Select The Best Sling TV Channel Lineup/Base Package?

Sling TV has become a lot more expansive streaming video service than it ever was. But, it is still not easy to understand Sling TV despite having undergone a series of changes. The company has launched two base packages in 2017 instead of one along with add-on packages and some new restrictions on sports and local channels.

You can go through the Sling TV channel lineup on the official website of the company.

There are three packages that Sling TV offers to its customers, which are; Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Blue + Orange. Where Sling Orange is the cheapest of all the packages, Sling Blue is slightly expensive than Sling Orange. Although Sling Orange has got most of the channels that are available on Sling Blue package, there are a few that will be missing in Sling Orange such as NFL Network, channels owned by Fox and some regional sports networks.

You can subscribe to both packages by paying $40 per month.

How to subscribe to add-on packages of Sling TV?

After selecting a base package, you can opt for ‘Extra’ packages of Sling TV by paying $5 per month. But, the channels available in add-on package will depend upon the base package you’ve chosen. There are still a number of exciting channels to watch from. Sling also offers a package deal for its news, comedy, kids and lifestyle packages. Just pay $10 per month for these packages.

Does Sling TV have DVR?

Yes, you can get the cloud DVR feature by paying $5 per month in which you will get 50 hours of storage. The service is available on major streaming devices. The service will appear soon on Windows 10, iOS and AirTV.

How does on-demand programming work in Sling TV?

A number of Sling TV channels provide a selection of TV shows or movies to watch on demand. But, there is no uniformity in the availability of the episodes. If you are looking for a reliable way to catch up on your favorite TV series, then this is certainly not the platform to rely upon.

Can we see a traditional channel guide on Sling TV?

Back in the day, it was not available, but it certainly is now. You can see a traditional grid view on Android TV and Roku just like you would get on a cable box.

Does Sling TV supports live local broadcast channels?

It does, but in limited markets and with select packages. You will have to go to Sling’s official website to confirm as to which local channels are available live in your area.

How’s the working of regional sports networks?

You will find regional sports from Comcast/NBCSN SportsNet and Fox Sports in Sling Blue package. The exact channels that you’ll get are coupled with your billing zip code and are verified according to your IP address. To check as to which channels are available to you, enter your zip code on Sling’s support website.

Is it possible to stream from outside the home for subscribers?

If the subscriber is accessing the service with the confined boundaries of the United States, then it is possible.

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