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How To Perform Dish Sling Com Activate Properly?

Know the exact activation process of Sling TV in order to access any of your favorite content on the platform. The process is pretty straightforward and can be done without any assistance. However, if there is any issue while activating Sling TV, then consult Sling TV help and support.

Have you recently subscribed to Sling TV? If yes, then you have gotten access to the best service that offers on-demand and Live shows. There is no other streaming service that has a larger number of live and on-demand programming as Sling TV. However, in order to enjoy all those amazing programmed, you will have to activate Sling TV first. This is exactly why we are here today. If you are looking to perform Dish Sling com activate, then you can find all the assistance in this guide.

With a wide number of live and on-demand programming available on Sling TV, the service is all set to become the number one streaming service in a very different niche. Sling TV gives you an access to connect with some of the popular networks such as BBC, AMC, Lifetime, IFC, and BET. With Sling TV subscription, you don’t have to wait for any particular show, plus there is no restriction on the devices. Sling TV will set you free.

How to activate my Sling TV?

 In order to activate Sling TV, you need to log into your Sling TV account using the right login details.

The activation process can only be done using a web browser, so you will have to use either a computer or a smartphone/tablet to activate Sling TV. Activation can’t be done via Sling TV app, so don’t even try doing that.

Activating Sling TV Free Trial

  1. Open the web browser and go to Sling TV sign up screen.
  2. Enter your email (a valid email address) and then, create a password.
  3. Select your package. You will see that ‘Sling Orange’ is already selected, so if you want to add any extras, then you can do it by paying an additional cost.
  4. Click the ‘Add’ button given in blue color in order to add any additional service. You are going to be billed for any channel add-ons that you select.
  5. Click ‘Continue’.
  6. Type in the billing information and then, take a look at your selections before proceeding further.
  7. Check the ‘Disclaimer’ followed by ‘Finish & Submit’ button.
  8. Your Sling TV activation process is complete now, and you can start using it without any problem.

Note: Without activating Sling TV, you won’t be able to watch any content on the platform, so make sure you activate the service on a priority basis.

In case, you come across any problem during the activation process, then you can take guidance from Sling TV help and Support. Although, activating Sling TV is much easier than activating any other app, but nothing can be said as to where a user may come across issues.

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