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How To Fix Sling Error 10-100?

Sling TV may look like any other streaming app, but in reality, it is a lot different. Sling TV offers a significantly higher number of on-demand content than any other app. But, all the offerings by Sling TV become zero when the app experiences errors. One such error is 10-100, which is currently being faced by many users. If you too are facing it, then try out the solutions given in the following sections.

Receiving an error while watching your favorite TV shows or movies is definitely not a good thing to happen. However, as we are all using software programs for our daily doze of entertainment, we should be ready to see such errors. In the past few days, many users are facing a specific error while accessing Sling TV on their Mac and Android devices.

The error code is 10-100 and it can happen when the device’s operating system updates. However, there could be a host of other reasons as to why this error occurs. Let’s just not get into the reasons, but instead, discuss how to fix this error. You can easily get rid of 10-100 error in Sling TV if you follow below-mentioned steps.

Change Channels

You will have to try to change the channel in order to see if the problem persists.

  1. If the problem only occurs on the original channel, then you will have to get in touch with Sling TV help and support providers because only they can help you fix this problem in the right way.

Relaunch App Option

You will have to try to fully close or force close the Sling TV app followed by relaunching the app in order to see if the issue has solved or not. In order to know how to do all this, then you will have to consult Sling TV experts. They will guide you in the right way.

Log Out And Back In

You need to try to log out of your Sling TV account and then, sign back into your Sling account. Here is how you can do this:

  1. In order to sign out of Sling account on your device, you will have to open ‘Settings’ on Sling TV.
  2. Open ‘Account’ with your settings.
  3. Now, click ‘Sign Out’.
  4. You are now going to be returned to Sling TV homepage, so you need to click ‘Sign In’ in order to get back to your account.

Uninstall Sling TV App

You will have to uninstall Sling TV app and then, reinstall it on your device. If you don’t know how to do this, then you will have to get in touch with Sling TV help and support.

With this, you can hope to fix Sling TV error code 10-100. If you have performed all the steps, yet seeing the same error, then those above-mentioned have apparently not worked for you. You will have to try something else in order to get rid of the error. If you know how to fix this error, then you can easily get back onto the watching ways, but in case, you have no idea how to eradicate Sling TV error 10-100, then you

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