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How To Access Sling TV On Multiple Devices Using A Single Sling TV Account?

Sling TV is the number one on-demand streaming service that promises the best-in-class entertainment to users. If you want to enable multi-stream service on Sling TV, then you can find all the details in the sections below.

Sling TV now allows users to stream shows on three devices from a single account. This move will really help users living with their families, as they will be able to watch their favorite shows on their mobile device if someone else is watching some other show on the TV.

But, in order to access Sling TV content on multiple devices, people will have to shell out $20 extra, which is not much when considered the type of convenience this feature will provide to users.

The new subscription can be ordered independently of the basic Sling plan and it offers a number of exclusive channels such as Univision, UniMas, TruTV, Nat Geo and a few channels from Fox such as FX. In some areas, people will be able to watch local content as well.

But, if users are thinking that Sling TV will include ESPN, then they will be extremely disappointed because neither ESPN nor Disney Channel is included in the plan.

Those who already have a subscription to Sling TV will have to pay $40 now, which means, $20 per month for approximately 25 channels and another $20 per month to access new channels along with the multi-stream feature. Users can also switch to a multi-stream subscription if they are not in a mood to spend $40 a month.

Sling TV now features Fox as an on-demand channel

With the inclusion of Fox on Sling TV, the service becomes slightly more complex than Sling’s humble start in 2015 when it used to offer just 20 channels for $20 a month. But, the company has added more channels, but those new ones were only part of add-on tiers for additional fees.

Sling TV tried a number of things and received reviews and feedbacks from its customers, which helped them improve their services in a big way.

The idea of launching a separate multi-stream service had a lot to do with the feedbacks of the customers. The company has received a number of requests, but the top two were regarding the addition of a multi-stream capability and FOX programming.

New Sling TV customers can also try the multi-stream service free for 7 days. If you have just subscribed to Sling TV and excited about using multi-stream service, then this is your time. But, if you are facing issues while using this new feature, then you need to check whether you have performed all the necessary steps in order to use this multi-stream feature.

If you are not able to access multi-stream service or FOX channels, then you can get in touch with Sling TV help and support providers. They will guide you regarding how you can enable the multi-stream feature.

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